Hospitality Workplace Validation

Video Task #1 – You will need to provide a video showing the following:
Equipment Required: It is important that the student demonstrate their skills in an operational food preparation environment that must have the following equipment and facilities:
work benches, refrigeration unit, sink, storage facilities
Small equipment:
Assorted pots and pans, containers for hot and cold storage, crockery, cutting boards, food handler gloves, glassware, knives, packaging materials, receptacles for presentation and display purposes, small utensils: tongs, serving utensils
Appropriate facilities for handwashing:
Designated hand washing sink, antiseptic liquid soap, single use towels, warm running water Food ingredients and ready to eat food items
Personal protective clothing required:
Work uniform or clean clothes, Clean covered work shoes, Hair and beards must be tied back &/or covered (if required). Work safe Band-Aids and food handler gloves
Cleaning equipment required:
Surface cleaner, Surface sanitiser, Warm water, Cleaning cloths
Documentation Required:
The workplace’s current food safety plan detailing policies and procedures for managing food safety, Monitoring records and log sheets, Copy of the business’s current registration as a food business to be supplied